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Discover why our clients consistently choose Kirin Law Firm for trusted legal counsel. These testimonials reveal the dedicated service and quality representation our experienced attorneys provide.

Damon Kirin has been my lawyer for personal as well as for business matters over the past 20 years. When the house I rented was nearly destroyed by Hurricane Ida, most of my personal belongings were destroyed in it. My insurance company, rather than paying the claim, kept giving me the runaround. Even though it was not a huge claim, Damon fought as though it were one. He made sure my insurance company paid me what I was owed for my damaged personal property.

- Dr. Terry Riemer, Metairie, LA

Damon Kirin and the Kirin Law Firm represented me for damages sustained to my properties from Hurricane Ida. Mr. Kirin represented my interests with passion and determination and got me compensation I was very satisfied with. When several of the insurance companies involved in my claims went bankrupt, Damon didn’t give up. Some friends have told me about other lawyers walking away from these claims, but Damon is not a quitter. Even though my insurance companies have gone bankrupt, Damon continues to fight for me and my family. I truly believe he is truly motivated by wanting to help others. It’s refreshing to have an attorney fighting for my family that seemed to care as much as we did about making sure we get enough money to properly repair our hurricane-damaged homes.

- Henry Guste, New Orleans, LA

After our insurance company failed to respond to us after reaching out to them multiple times, Damon was able to finally get through to them. He got us all the money we needed to repair our home from the damage from Hurricane Ida and protect it for the upcoming hurricane season. I’m impressed not only by how much he cares for his clients, but how hard he is willing to fight for us.

- Abigail Almos, New Orleans, LA

I’ve known Damon for many years and never got to witness his legal savvy until I hired him for a personal injury lawsuit. I always knew he was a good lawyer, but with the settlement he got me, I saw just how amazing a lawyer he is. I’ve always appreciated his friendship, and as my lawyer, I’m so glad he’s in my corner.

- Mitchell Klein, New Orleans, LA

My friends and family have trusted Damon Kirin and the Kirin Law Firm for over the past ten years for all our legal needs. Whether providing assistance with creating, developing or protecting my small businesses or assisting my family with personal injury matters, Damon has always been there when we needed him. We will always use the Kirin Law firm because Damon always charges reasonable fees and delivers superior results. The Kirin Law Firm always returns my phone calls in a timely manner and I could not recommend Attorney Damon Kirin more highly to anyone looking for an experienced, brilliant and honest attorney.

- Mike Batten, Entrepreneur and Business Owner, New Orleans, LA

I’ve been satisfied client of the Kirin Law Firm for over 20 years. Whether I have needed help with a dispute regarding my company, getting my insurance company to pay what I was entitled to after a hurricane or advise me as to personnel issues in my business, Damon had always been there for me providing insightful advice and guidance and always delivering great results at a reasonable price. I could not recommend him more highly.

- Bin Hang, Metairie, LA, Entrepreneur and Business Owner

I’ve been personal friends with Damon for the past 30 years. He has represented me individually and my businesses and, most recently, for my Hurricane Ida claim. He truly goes above and beyond for his friends and clients. Damon has always obtained outstanding results in all the matters for which he has represented me. I could not recommend him more highly as a friend and a gifted lawyer and advocate for his clients.

- Lawrence Tedesco, Jr. New Orleans, LA

I hired the Kirin Law Firm after my family home was damaged from hurricane Ida and insurance company wouldn’t pay. Damon got the insurance company to change their tune and I got the funds I needed to fix my home. I highly recommend the Kirin Law Firm and appreciate Damon’s diligence in getting my claim resolved.

- Michelle Picou, New Orleans, LA

I hired Damon Kirin and the Kirin Law Firm after my home was damaged by Hurricane Ida. When my insurance company refused to pay for this damage, Damon went to bat for my family and made sure we got everything we deserved. I was amazed at how quickly he got the settlement from the insurance company. I’m so happy that I selected the Kirin Law Firm to help me with my Hurricane Ida claim.

- Joshua Pahl, Metairie, LA

After Hurricane Ida, I made a claim with my insurance company, but they refused to pay a fair amount for the damage. I turned to the Kirin Law Firm and am so happy I did. Damon fought for me and was able to get a fair settlement.

- Ellen Nickell, New Orleans, LA