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In our experience, insurance companies don’t go out of their way to make sure you are fully paid under your policy for covered losses. Unfortunately, your insurer sometimes cares more about minimizing their payment for a claim rather than being a good neighbor or keeping you in good hands.

We stand ready to hold insurance companies responsible for their obligations under the policies they issue and fight to protect the rights of policyholders.

Many prospective clients are afraid to file a property insurance claim or lawsuit when they get shortchanged, fearing that their insurance company might raise their rates or stop providing coverage.   The reality is insurance companies can raise your rates for a wide variety of reasons, including the filing of excessive claims. 

For these reasons, when prospective clients are shortchanged by their insurance companies after filing a formal claim, we often recommend they obtain legal representation and have the courts decide whether or not they were treated fairly.

When you file a claim, your insurance company has a duty to fully pay what you are entitled to under your policy in a timely manner.   Many policyholders don’t know that the law imposes obligations on insurance companies to treat their policyholders fairly and reasonably in paying for the losses covered by an insurance policy.

If your insurance company acts in bad faith and fails to pay a claim in full, they can be held liable for the proper payment of sums due under the policy, attorney’s fees and statutory penalties.

We aren’t just lawyers making a living.   We are members of this community committed to compassionately helping our neighbors near and far obtain just and fair compensation from their insurance companies for losses arising from storms, fires and other natural or infrastructural causes.

Our firm has years of experience representing clients in "first-party" property damage claimsbusiness-interruption claims, and life insurance claims.   We work for you on a contingency fee basis, which means we only get paid if and when your insurance company pays you.

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