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Property Damage

Sometimes when damage occurs to your home, you contact your insurance company and find out you’re not dealing with a good neighbor, you really weren’t in good hands.

Whether it’s property damage to your home or an interruption of your business resulting in increased expenses and a loss of revenue, you are entitled to the coverage that your insurance company guaranteed to you in your policy.

We Can Help Assist You.

Oftentimes, insurance companies initially offer settlements much lower than what is due and necessary to recover from the damages.

Our firm can assist you in filing a first-party insurance claim, a claim brought by an insured individual directly against their insurance company, in order to demand the payment you deserve.

Property damage can occur as the result of negligence or natural disasters, and can affect residential and commercial properties.   Common property damage claims involve:

     •   Burst pipes causing extensive water damage to your home or business

     •   Damages resulting from faulty construction

     •   Fire damage

     •   Hurricane and flood damage

Your homeowner’s policy may contain coverage for additional living expenses, loss of rents as well as other endorsements that may entitle you to additional money for your losses.

Why Pursue a Failed Insurance Claim?

Sometime policyholders are afraid to file a claim for damage to their home fearing that their rates might go up.   The reality is that your insurance company can raise your rates for a wide variety of reasons including the filing of excessive claims.

That said, choosing not to pursue a valid filed claim that has been denied can be a very bad idea.   This is because the act of filing the initial claim can still be used against you for the purposes of raising rates, even if your insurance company fails to pay you anything.

Even worse, if you can’t afford to fix the damage to your roof caused by a storm, you could be setting yourself up for more problems.   If your insurance company wrongfully denies this claim and another storm causes further roof damage, your insurance company can deny your entire claim.

We do not tolerate our clients being victims three times.   We stand to hold insurance companies accountable for their obligations under the policies they regularly demand premiums for, year in and year out.

Our experienced team of attorneys will fully review the terms of your policy and learn all aspects of your property damage case, in order to properly assess any settlement offered by your insurance company and help you receive just compensation.

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