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Protecting Your Rights After A Storm

Dealing with the aftermath of a storm like Ida can result in months- and years-long struggles for the families in its path. The extreme emotional toll it takes is magnified by the financial burden that follows.

Insurance claims are difficult to navigate in any circumstance, and get even worse when there’s a major disaster involved. Your claim protecting you against property damage to your home or business that results in a loss of revenue should be there for you during a time of crisis - but for many people, they are not.

Much of the time, homeowner’s insurance does not cover what it should in hurricane-prone states. No policy provides flood insurance, and only a handful will offer windstorm insurance. You can buy a policy through the National Flood Insurance Program, and a separate windstorm one on the market, but Texas and Louisiana both allow companies to charge higher special deductibles when hurricane damage is present in order to limit their financial losses. Those costs rose severely after Katrina, and companies with only pay for the costs that exceed your deductible. But what happens when those companies refuse to pay?

First things first: make sure you read your policy, regardless of whether you’ve suffered through a terrible event or not. Figure out who is insured, which perils are covered, what is covered, and when you’re covered during the year. Also, find out what policies limits are in effect. When a peril-type situation meshes with an event that is not considered such, insurers can often refuse coverage.

If this sounds like your situation, we can help. Kirin Law Firm works to protect and defend our clients every step of the way. We proved this during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and Gustav, where we helped New Orleanians handle their windstorm and flood property damage claims throughout the process.

Don’t let insurance companies bully you out of what you’re owed. Call us today!

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